Camping in sun, sleet, wind and snow.

20 Photos

Silly Stuffe

Just to show that is isn't all hard-core camping in the snow.

7 Photos

Gunpowder Plot Anniversary

Photos from our 2005 march on NSW Parliament to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot. We couldn't take the muskets past the door due to a still in force 1605 Standing Order.

14 Photos

Public Events

Photos from the public shows and Medieval Fairs at places like Blacktown, Parramatta and St Ives.

14 Photos


The biennial Australasian Historical Conferences held at nomadic locations about Australia.

8 Photos

St Ives Medieval Faire 2016

St Ives Medieval Faire 2016

20 Photos

The Captayne\'s Gallery

Plaudits, honours, and general worship of the Captayne

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