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The Routiers enjoyed a Virtual Tavern Night at the invitation of Captayne-in-Waiting Alex Gaffikin on the evening of Saturday 11 September 2021.

The event enjoyed strong attendance by Routier members and fellow travellers from across this wide brown land (on account of most of us being in lockdown with nothing better to do). Much entertainment was to be had with an attempt by Good Soldier Keith to compere a Trivia Quiz using the arcane technology of the interwebs.

Alas the NBN spirit deserted us and Mr Kelly pronounced the entire endeavour a hastily cobbled together sham. But we persevered by resorting to quill and parchment. There was singing and tall tales and much jollity, notwithstanding the intermittent spectral appearance of Captayne-(soon to be)-past Gappsy, who failed to put a dampener on things, despite his ghastly countenance.

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