The International Routier Archive

The massive organ (fnarr!) originally started in 1984 as the local scandal-rag, Das The Routier. It became The National Routier with the establishment of the Victorian file in Winter 1994. It soon gained overseas notoriety in the Home Counties and the Americas, becoming The International Routier in spring 1997. A brief experiment with The Intergalactic Routier unfortunately exploded on the launch pad in 2008. One issue survived the detonation, problems exist with typography and pagination and the resulting time vortex set the date on the cover a year earlier than it should be but at least it has its heart in the right place. Also its spleen.

See also The International Routier – the Blog, last spotted in the wild in 2012.

Other publications include two editions of The Routier Cyclopedia, The Compleat Routier Song Book, The Routier Gaming Manual and The Reverend, hys Bigge Book of Leather, this last one developing a life of its own and spawning a blog.

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Vol 1 no 1
Who Were the Routiers?
List of Essentials in Equipment and Dress
Forthcoming Events
Contact Addresses
Vol 1 no 2
Word of Warning
The Deal with Muskets
Cromwell’s French Affair
German Infantry Dress
Eastern European Cavalry
Armour, Scotsmen and Helmets
Democracy in the Middle Ages
Caption Competition Number One
A Tavern Guide to Sydneytown
Famous Quotes from The Pike and Musket Society
List of Members
Vol 1 No 3
Captain’s Report Pierre Le Bosch
Tomislav’s Report Tomislav
Great Routs and Famous Poltroons in Renaissance History – 1. The Battle of the White Mountain
The Observations of Military Chronicaler, Helmut von Starnberg – 1. Musketeers
The Development of the Dragoon – 1. The Swiss Mounted Handgunner
Penny Games and Fighting Games Compiled by Tomislav
Crime and Punishment
Pikeman, 1580-1648, European
Germans and Frenchmen
Musketeers and Arquebusiers
Routier Drinking Songs
• The Girl I Left Behind Me (trad)
• Hot Stuff (words by Pierre Le Bosch)
Quotable Quotes selected by Stanley Greaves
Vol 1 No 4, September 1984
Captain’s Report Pierre Le Bosch
Tomislav’s Report Tomislav
The Battle of Morgarten, 1315 – The Forerunner of the Pike and Musket Era Paul the Gross
Great Routs and Famous Poltroons in Renaissance History – 2. John George of Saxony
Imperial Cavalryman
The Longbow Vs the Arquebus: A 16th Century Controversy
European Civil War: The Human Cost Paul the Gross
Routier Drinking Songs No 2
• To Anacreon In Heaven (17th century English)
• The Routiers Gig adapted by Pierre La Bosch, Captain 5th Arquebussiers


Vol 2 no 1, January 1985
Captain’s Report
Attention All Routiers: Costume and Equipment Now Available From England
And Now; A Letter From The “Sealed Knot Society”.
The Bohemian Revolution
Swedish Musketeer 1632
Forget the SCA, This is How a Real Prince Behaved – Don Carlos of Spain – Paul the Gross
Some of Our Arquebusses Are Missing!
Disgusting Food of the Routiers – Paul the Gross
Forget The SCA. This is How Medieval Nobles Really Behaved – Klaus von Munster
The 15th Century Hand- Gun: An Appraisal
Poltroons and Skulkers: A 16th Century View of Englishmen
Pike Drill
Newsletter, 20 February 1985
Costume and Equipment from England
Final Note
Vol 2 no 2, June 1985
Tomislav’s Report
The Tears of Germany
Blind John, Nemesis of the Bohemian Knight – Tomislav
Increase Your Language Skills or European Diplomacy for Idiots – Tomislav
Stop Press!! The Further Adventures of Don Carlos – Sgt Gross
Stop Stop Press! Pantaloons Revealed
Vol 2 no 3, September – October 1985
Captaine’s Report. Sept.& Oct ’85
Tomislav’s Report
Clothing and Equipment Standards: Pike & Musket Society Of N.S.W.
The Structure of the Imperial Army 1618 – 1648
The Seventeenth Century Physique. Or “Ye Noble Paunch”
At The Bottom of the Feudal Pyramid; The Peasantry
The Matchlock Musket
The Irresistible Force Meets the Immovable Object: Lutzen 1632
Common Routier Equipment (As Opposed To Uncommon Routiers)
And Now a Bawdy Ballad
• I Am Routier (words, The Captain)
Vol 2 No 4, Nov/Dec 1985
The Captain’s Report
Tomislav’s Report
Becoming A Routier the Cheap Way
What Is In the Pipeline: The Triumvirates’-Plans For the Near Future
Dwellers in Town & City: The Burgers
Structure of The Army Part Two: The Imperial Regiment
Routier Male Centrespread
An Ode To Gluttony – Paul the Gross
The Spanish Disorder. (Another article-from the G.R.O.S.S. school of history) – Paul the Gross


Vol 3 no 1 Feb 1986
The Captain’s Report
Tomislav’s Report
The Buff Coat
The Amazing Feat of Musketeer Hansen
Structure of the Army, Part Three: The Baggage Train
Soldiers of the Thirty Years War: -Weapons & Equipment
Letters to the Editor
Werewolf of Zagreb
Vol 3 no 2 April 1986
The Captain, His Report. April 8th, 1986
Tomislav’s Report
Satanism, and the French Court – Paul the Gross
Structure of the Army Part IV; The Artillery
The Histories of Paul the Gross; An Epic In The Old Tradition
The French Army: 1600 To 1648
• Werewolves of Zargreb (tune; W. Zevon, words; P. La Boche)
• How Stands the Glass Around (traditional)
Notice of Forthcoming Events and Parades
Vol 3 no 3, August 1986
The Captain, His Report. 3rd August, 1986
Notice of Forthcoming Events and Parades, August/September 1986
Some Little Known Hugities of the Thirty Years War (The French Phase 1634-1648)
Gustavus Adolphus
The Scots & Frankfurt – Sgt Gross
Ye Tale Of Sargeant Gross: the Saga Continued, 1624 – 1627 – Klaus von Munster, Bohemian extraordinaire
Quotable Quotes, Invective and a Little Philosophy
Quotable Quotes, Misbehaviours and Atrocities — Klaus von Munster
Louts & Rascals: The French Infantry, 1470 – 1600
Military Quiz
Tomislav’s Report
• When Cannons Are Roaring (17th century traditional)
• The Owl (17th century traditional)
• The Girl I Left Behind Me (17th century traditional)
Uncle Gus Wants You
Vol 3 no 4, December 1986
The Captain’s Report: December 1986
Tomislav’s Report
“Glory & Misery”; The Soldier’s Life; Part One: Recruitment
Gustavus Adolphus (Protestant Heresy Unmasked)
Extracts, articles and items of Gossip curated by Klaus von Munster
“Ye Tale of Sargeant Gross” The Legend Lives On. – Klaus von Munster
Routier Minimum Equipment Standards
Notice of Forthcoming Events & Parades: Nov ’86 to March ’87.
Office Bearers: Captayne Pierre La Boche’s Company of Foote.


Vol 4 No 1, April 1987
The Captayne, His Report, April 1987.
Notice of Forthcoming Events and Parades: May June & July 1987
The Development of National Armies, 1618 – 1648 – Part One: The Hapsburg Empire & the Impact of Albrecht Von Wallenstein.
Feature Article; The Myth of the Thirty Years War? – By Paul the Gross
Assorted Quotes and Miscellanea, – Compiled by Erstwhile Journo, Klaus Von Munster
Feasting Drinking And Uproariousness; 1560 – 1650 – Compiled and Arranged By Your Late Renaissance Wine Connoisseur and Part Time Ladies Man, Bohemian Extraordinaire, Klaus Von Munster
The Soldiers Life: Part Two – Drill.
“Ye Tale of Sargeant Gross:” The Ledgend Lives On. – ‘In Which the Knights of the Order Of the Most Crested Rooster Get Their Come Upence.’
Routier Classified: A Buyers Guide to Purveyors of Late Renaissance
Clothing and Military Hardware
Songs for Fearless Routiers Who Drink & Sing.
• March Brave Boys.
• The Life Of A Soldier


Vol 5 No 1, January 1988
The Captayn’s Report, 16th of November 1987
Company Notice Boards, February 1988
The Polish Army in the Renaissance.
A New Series from the Gross School of History: The Forgotten Routiers
“Ye Tale of Sargeant Gross: “The Legend Manifests Itself Hugely”
Samurai Warfare in the Pike and Musket Era
Clothing during the Reign of Charles I 1625-1660 – Julie Casey
Two Lovers – 17th. Century Bawd
Vol 5 No 2, May 1988
The Captayne, His Report of May 7th, 1988
Company Notice Board, May, 1988
Provisions for the Troops
Ye Rules Fore Ye Soldier’s Wyves – Extract From the Regulations of Colonel Stavratis’ Regiment Stationed At Sydneye, 1628 (Layed Down In 1535)
Gustavus Adolphus: Tactics & Innovations of the Thirty Years’ War – By Your Drummer Extraordinaire And Drinker Of Vast Amounts of Ale, Boozer Brissett
The Beers and Ales of Terra Australis Inebriatum!
Ye Tale Of Sargeant Gross; The Saga Grows Huger And More Wine Blown.
Hand To Hand Combat Moves
Vol 5 No 3, August 1988
The Captayne; His Report, August 1988
The Pike & Musket Society of New South Wales Price List
Maurice of Nassau and the Dutch Army
Glory and Misery of the Free Mercenaries
Ye Tale Of Sargeant Gross: The Saga Goes On…
Order Of Battle – The Army of Flanders 1588
Songs of the Routiers
• Out on the Drill Square. (Words; P. La Bosche. Tune; ‘Down on the Corner by Credence Clear Water Revival
Vol 5 No 4, December 1988
The Captayne His Report, December, 1988
Notice of Forthcoming Events and Parades
Soldiers Council Meeting, November 1st, 1988
Character of the Army
Full Leather Buff Coat: New Scholarship from England
Ye Tale of Sargeant Gross
’Tis All In Pieces


Vol 6 Autumn, April 1989
The Captayne, His Report: April 4th, 1989
Von Munster’s Maldon Commentary (Featuring When Gross Drinks Down a Toohey’s Old)
Pikes Against The Pallisade: The Maldon ’89 Fort Battles
Why the Dutch Never Settled ‘The Great South Land’
Ye Tale of Sargeant Gross: The Saga Outlives Itself
More Beers of Terra Australis Inebriatum
Two Early 17th Century Songs – Compiled by Wulfgand Von Nipplehaus
• Devil Ghost Dog.
• The Four Tercios.
Great Masters of the 16th Century. (Part XIII in a 7000 Part Series) – Plagiarized Shamelessly By Stanislaus the Unlucky
Here Follows a List of Excommunications and Prosecutions of Animals from the 9th to the 19th Century – By Stanislaus the Unlucky
Here Follows a Company Bulletin Board with News of Derring Do
Vol 6 Spring, September 1989
The Captayne, His Report, September, 1989
Tomislav, His Report, September, 1989
Memorandum Regarding the Deputization of Administrative Tasks within the Pike And Musket Society Of New South Wales
The Past Is a Foreign Country: Some Thoughts on the Philosophy of Re-Enactment – Stephen Hand
Ye-Tale of Sergeant Gross: The Tale Grows Longer & Longer!
Vol 6 Summer, December 1989
The Captain, His Report, December, 1989
Tomislav’s Report
Etiquette – Stanislaus
Artillery Drill Of The Early 17th Century Or; How Not To Blow Ourselves Up When We Get A Cannon – Stephen Hand
The Sinclair Hilt – Stephen Hand
Feature: Tulipomania – Stanislaus the Unlucky
The Demise of SCA-ism and the Sad Infection of 1066 – David Sanders
Ye Tale of Sergeant Gross: the Legend Goes Down in History


Vol 7 No 1 April 1990
Captain’s Report
Tomislav’s Report
Ensign’s Report
Ranters and Diggers by Tomislav
In Your Spare Time by Pierre
A Slugging Match: Fourth Lutzen by Pierre
Film Review: Cyrano de Bergerac by Stanislaus
Great Battles of the Thirty Years War by Steven Hand
Klaus von Munster’s Convention Report
Safety Rules, the Soldiers’ Council
Painting and Experience in 15th Century Italy by Stanislaus
The Early Life of the Captain (Episode III) by Tomislav
Stanislaus’ Silly Songs
Vol 7 No 2 June 1990
Tomislav’s Report
Morriset Report by Stephen Hand
The Soldiers Council by Russell Methven
The Captaines Voice by Stephen Hand
Comforts of Home by Stanley Greaves
A Letter from the Front by Stanley Greaves
Desertion in the Late 1500’s by Stanley Greaves
Changing Acceptance of Violence in Western Society 1300-1989 by Stanislaus
Routiers in the New World by Stanley Greaves
Life in the Army of Flanders 1567-1659 by Stephen Hand
Wounds and Disease by Stanley Greaves
Great Battles of the Thirty Years War by Stephen Hand
Psychopathology of the SCA by Stanley Greaves MA (Syd)
First Annual Melbourne—St Albans Ultra-March
An Article Shitbagging Tomislav by Stephen Hand
Camp Life origin unknown
Morriset Photo-essay by Stanislaus
Vol 7 No 3 September 1990
The Captain’s Report
Tomislav’s Report
The Ensign’s Report #1
The Ensign’s Report #2
Drill 1600 – 1651 by Pierre
Westminster Trained Bands by Pierre
Anti—Hand: The Debunking of the Voodoo School of History by Tomislav
Hamster Weekly
Great Battles of the Thirty Years War by Steve Hand
The Early Life of the Captain Vol. II by Tomislav
Infantry Drill by Steve Hand
Silk and Other Useful Fibres by Lucy Jones
The Other History of the Pike by Stanislaus
Contact telephone numbers
Late Additional Footy Report by Tomislav


Vol 7 No 2 Spring 1991
Captayne’s Report by Pierre
Mercurious Publicus by Keith Baker
Cruelty by Stanislaus
The Foreign Country Revisited by Steven Hand
The Origin of Designation of Ranks & Units by Stan
Briefe Observations of a Musketier by B. Kenworthy
Klaus’ Crookwell Shoot Report by Klaus
Voluntary Associations by Pierre
The London Trained Bands by Pierre
Report from the Old Dart by B. Kenworthy
The Soldiers’ Council and Handy Hints by Pierre


Summer edition 1991/1992
The Captayn‘s Report, by Pierre
Blohhmfaaaaaaaqqrrts Banter, by Brett Kenworthy
Classical Antiquity Revisited, by Pierre
Who’re Fucking whom in the reenactment scene, by Stan
The Evolution of the Routier, by Stan
Tis all in Pieces, by Time Life
Dimidium Sceleratus Homo, by Brett
Milton Show Footy Report 1, by Stan
Milton Cup 2, an unbiased report, by Spike
Drunkeness, by Grimmelhausen
An Open Letter to the Society, by Claude-Pierre Stachel
Rudeness, by Gospodin Hande
The Buff Coats of Littlecote, by Thom Richardson
5th Lutzen Report (the reversal), by Pierre
Calendar of Events for 1992, by Brett
List of Contact
Volume 8 no 2, Autumn 1992
The Captayne, his report, by The Captayne
Minutes of the meeting, by David Green
Oh! What a Lovely Thing, Steve Hand
Time to Produce Weapons, by Stan Greaves
Klaus Riposts, by Klaus Von Munster
Notice of Membership Fees, The Committee
Entrepot of the Western World, by David Green
Dutch Explorers of Australia, by David Green
The Loss of the Batayia, by Brett Kenworthy
Artifacts from the Wreck of the Batavia, by Mr Hand
Healthy Eating in the 17th Century, by Stan Greaves
List of Contacts
Volume 8 no 3, Winter 1992
Captayne’s Report, by The Captayne
Virilis Elegans Moris Est, by Brett
Freezing Nights & Blazing Fires, by Dave
Di0k Dick Devil Devil Ghost Dog
Silence of the Hams, by Stan
Awesome Marching Bands, by Time Magazine
Seismic Activity at Crookwell, by SJ Hande
La Bosche Enterprises
Warning Orders
List of Contacts
Volume 8 no 4, Summer 1992
The Captayne’s Report, by Pierre
An Open Letter to the Society, by Blomfaaahhtqz
Linquistic controversies, by Spike
More Linquistic Controversies, by Spike
Military Yards and Artillery Gardens, by Pierre
Stachel’s Stop Thrust, by C. P. Stachel
Cromwell and the Devil, by Keith Baker
The Silence of the Hams, part two, by Stan
Extracts from Aubreys Brief Lives, by Blomfaaahhtqz
Frans Hals, by Pierre
Thirty Years War Game, by Stan
Sergeant Gross swearing competition, by Stan
Numerology, Satan and the 17th century, by Stan
Help Tomislav Find the Pub, by Stan
List of Contacts


Vol 9 no 1 Autumn/Winter 1993
National Routier by Muckraking Journalists

The Captayne’s Report by Pierre La Bosche
7th Conference Report by Blohmfaaaaqqhrtsz
The Ensign’s Report by Sarge Croatus
Report #666 by Steve “Carpenter” Gale
Some Reflections by Stanislaus the Unlucky
Spike’s Guide to the 1993 Conference by Jean-Luc “Spike” Stachel
Frozen by the Camera’s Lens by Canon UC-10
A Cannon Firing Dissected by Krupp Steelworks
Proof that Paul Fisher is the Antichrist by Stanislaus the Unlucky
More Word Origins by Jean-Luc “Spike” Stachel
The Legal Rights of Inanimate Objects by Stanislaus the Unlucky
Of Knights and Towers Fallen by Dick Dog Press
The Army of Gustavus Adolphus (Infantry) by Pierre La Bosche
An Item of Vast Significance by Pierre La Bosche

Volume 10, Spring 1993
Weekly World Routier by Muckraking journalists
Defence of the Realm by A Plagiarist
The Captayne’s Report by Pierre La Bosche
Fear and Loathing at Crookwell by Spike
Crookwell 1993 Report by Stanislaus the Unlucky
Guide to the Crookwell Shoot by An Eyewitness
A Bore-ing Article of Some Calibre by J-L Stachel
Black Powder and Barrel Tests by Stephen Gale
What If Polar Bears Had Settled Australia? by A Bear
Klaus’s Thrust by Klaus von Munster
Boozer Brissett’s Unwritten Laws by Boozer Brissett
The Battle of Vinegar Hill by Steve Gapps
Does Satan Exist? by God’s Holy Frig
The Longbow Versus the Musket by Pierre
Still More Proof that Paul is the Antichrist by Stanislaus
The Real Cyrano de Bergerac by Pierre
A Letter to the Editors by Gualterus Blohmfaaaaqqqqhtsz
T’e: the Beneficial Preparation by Brett Kenworthy
Report on the P&MAA
Members List
The Routier Christmas Box 1993

This Contents Page by A. Dogmatic
Itorialeday by Anstay Eavesgray
Editorial by Spike
The Captayne, His Report by Pierre la Bosche
Patton’s Christmas Prayer by Steve “Will this do?” Hand
Melbourne – That Hedonistic Adventure by Steve Gale
Stachel Disembowels von Munster by C.P. Stachel
Awards and Decorations of the Routiers by Spike
Meal Planning by Stan
Four Fried Chickens and a Coke by Frank Richards
Wargaming For Beginners by “Wild Bill” Lincoln
8th Lutzen Re-fight by Jack Kerouac
8th Lutzen Photo Recap by Spike
Black Powder and Barrel Pressure by Steve Gale
Cooking and Pots of the 17th Century by Bill S. Lincoln, Esquire
The Lost Report of Abel Janzoon Tasman by Tim the Enchanter
Gross is Satan – Mathematical Proof by Steve Gale
More on Longbows and Such Things by Stanislaus
Crookwell 1993 – a Very Late Report by Tim “Scatterbrains” O’Neill
Important Notice to Musketeers and Such by The Captayne
“For Sale” Notices
Song Section by “Wild Bill” Lincoln and David Earl
Contact List



Volume 10 No 1, Trans-Autumnal Period 1994
Special Women’s Rights Issue

The Captayne’s Report by the Captayne
Minutes of the 1994 Annual General Meeting
A Reporte of Two Weddings by Spike
Getting into Leather by Leonie
Artillery, Part One by The Carpenter
Fermat’s Last Theorum by Michael D. Lemondick
Future History of the Society by Stanislaus
The Cost of War by Spike
Believe it or Getted Fucked by Spike
Troops Need Lard by Pierre
Captain Phantom by Boozer
Film Review by Pierre
Farting by The Evil Mr Gapps
Prophecies of Nostradamus by Stanislaus
666 by Some Stupid Christian Cunt
Song by Wode-Boy
Another Song by Mr David “don’t call me ‘Earlie'” Earle
Contact List
Vol 10 no 2 Winter 1994
Special Divine Right of Kings Issue

The Captayne. His Report by the Captayne
The Lieutenant’s Thing by the Lieutenant
Forthcoming Events by Father Time
The 3 Nights of Crookwell by Buffy
Crookwell Photos by David Earl
Crookwell Report by Stanislaus the Unlucky
The History of Very Rude Words by Tim the Enchanter
Believe It or Get Fucked! by Spike
Movie Poster by That Poser Hande
An Appeal by the Ruling Class
An Appeal by Tomislav
Levellers by A. Leveller
The Night Watch contributed by Paul the Gross
Me No Likee Routier Man by Satan Beelzebub
Blatant Advertising by David Green
Guns are Good by Pierre la Bosche
A Sociological Breakdown of the SCA by Tim the Enchanter
Build Your Own Mr Hande® Part l by M. Scientist
Numbers at Their Worst by A. Dickdog
Naturopathy Services (Advertisement) by Stanislaus
A List of Suppliers
Membership List
Volume 10 no 3, Spring 1994
Special Commission of Array Edition

Are You a Fair Dinkum Router? by the Morale Officer
Calendar of events for 1995
The Captayne. His Report by The Captayne
More Pictures from Crookwell by The Paparazzi
What Went on at the Soldiers’ Council by The Captayne
Believe lt or Get Fucked! by Spike
Officers are the Best by Our Betters
Pilau Talk by Leonie the Seducer
Some Military Recommendations by The Captayne
Build Your Own Mr Hande – Part 2 by M. Scientist
An Advertisement for Arms by Peter Lyon
Pull Your Head in, Tomislav by The Captayne
The Sodomy Song by Stephen John Hand, BSc(Hons)
The Formal Schutzenfest by The Captayne
Shocking Pictures by More Paparazzi
Contact List
Vol 10 no 4 Summer


Volume 11 no 1 Summer 1995
Routier Summer Camp, Big Hill
Longbow v Musket

Calender of events for 1995 by Father Time
The Captayne, His Report by The Captayne
Passing Muster by Our Betters
Notification of Crookwell 1995 by The Captayne
A Report on the Router Summer Camp of 1995 by Leonie
Official Map of Routier Summer Camp by The Evil Mr Gapps
An Excerpt from The Cannon Project by The Carpenter
Colour-In Drawings of a Cannon by Steve Cale
The Role of the Cannon by S Cale, B.Carp.
Yet More On the Musket vs. The Longbowby David Green
True Leveller Quiz by The Feminist Mr Gapps
Pikes Am Bad by Stephen John Hand BSc(lions)
Re-enactment Professionalism by Paul Eaglestone
How to Mis-spell Re-enactment by The Linguist Mr Gapps
A Letter From the Sunnyfield Association
The Golden Duck Award
Contact List

Volume 11 no 2, Winter 1995
Convention Post Mortem Issue

Editorial by, not unreasonably, The Editor
The Captayne, His Report by The Captayne
Membership Fees by Our Betters
Muster Review by The Captayne
A Polar Bear by Potential Australian Settlers
Details on the Crookwell Shoot by The Captayne
1995 Medieval Convention Report by Stanislaus the Unlucky
The Great Wax Bomb Affair by An Eye Witness
The Convention Summarised by The Fugitive
The Unbiased Convention Report by Spike
The Map of the 1995 Convention by the Talented Mr Gapps
The Ballad of Eva Braun by AMCA Executives
A Mighty Two-Part Song About Queensland by Some Routiers
The Ballad of the Convention by An Anonymous Gentle
A Letter to The Editor
Some 17th Century Measurements
The Nature of a Trayned Bande by Pierre
2 Pieces of Culture submitted by Stan & Spike
Special Quiz – Are You in Bed with The SCA?
A Funny Thing
Contact List
A Wanted Poster – Rear Cover
Volume 11 no 3, Spring 1995
Special “Kind to Dolphins and Trees” Issue

The Captayne, His Report by The Captayne
Notication of Events by Our Superiors
The Startling Outcome of the Commission of Array by The Captayne
Behold – The CyberRouer! by routier@world. net
A Brotherhood of the Aether by Spike
Spike’s Believe It Or Get Fucked! by Spikemonster & Sue Drain
A Crookwell Report by Rowdy Gapps
Bill & Steve’s Bodgy Tips by Wild Bill Lincoln and The Evil Mr Gapps
Fencing Styles & Terminologies of the 16th Century by Pierre
A Letter: “I’m Not in Bed with the SCA!” by Anne Innocent
The Trained Bands in Action: Newbury 1643 by Pierre
Pathetic Bleating by A. Leveller
Soldiers’ Rights by An Agitator
The Weaker Vessel – A Review by The Evil Mr Gapps
The Nature of a Trayned Bande by Pierre
Satan in the News submitted by Spike
List of Personages
Absolutely Nothing – Rear Cover
Vol 11 no 4 Summer 1995-96
Crookwell 95- We all hate the rain

This Page of Contents by the Editor
The Captayne’s End of Year Christmas Wrapper by The Captayne
Secret Intelligence on Routier Attendance by Our Superiors
The Exact Militia Programme by Sir Grimmwolde Dogge
Crookwell 1995 – We All Hate the Rain by David G.R.E Earl
Taminick Report by Phillip Adams
A Short History of the Evil Weed by A. Leveller
The London Trained Bands 1573-1647 by David Green
Monstrous Births of the 17th Century by History
Beer Belongs by Urie A. Bender
The Captayne’s Response to the Levellers by Our Captayne Pierre
The Windfucker Song by Stephen Hand
A Weak Response from Steve “Bum-Bum-Poo-Poo” Gapps
The Hanging of A. Leveller by The Good Soldier Spike
The Army of Flanders and the Spanish Road reviewed by Stanley
Memoirs of a Cavalier reviewed posthumously by A. Leveller
Yoretymes Advertisement
List of Personages



Vol 12 no 1 Autumn 1996
Transfer of Command Issue
A Rare Editorial by The Editor-General
The Command, its Glorious & Pompous Transfer by Spike
The Minutes of the Meeting Annual-General by Our Superiors
March or Die II! by The Muster-Master
Beer Report by Humble Musketeer Greene
A Letter on Gun Cleaning by The Admirable Keith Baker
A Report on the Summer Camp by Rowdy Gapps
A Different Report on the Summer Camp by Pierre
Bill & Steve’s Bodgy Tips Pt. 2 by Wild Bill Lincoln and Evil Mr Gapps
How to Make a Flint & Tinder Set by The Indefatigable Keith Baker
The London Trayned Bands: 1572-1647 by Pierre
Routier of the Year (Illustration) by the odd, but talented Gapps
A Quite Long But Interesting Article on the Levellers by B. Leveller
Of Divers Re-enactment Periods by A Lovable Old Curmudgeon
Some Matters of Importance to the Society by Stephen Gapps
The Captayne’s Reply to Mr Gapps by Captayne Brew
Material vs Non-Material by The Unstoppable Mr Haaande
Religious Idiocy submitted by Mr Earle
Vol 12 no 2 Winter 1996
March or Die II – The Final Furlong

A Very Late Editorial by the (not yet late) Editor-General
Minutes of the Last Umpteen Soldiers’ Council Meetings
Even the Minutes of the Commission of Array Meeting
Notice of a Major Muster at Taminick 27th-30th September
Notice of a Major Muster at Sutton Forest 19th-20th October
An Incomplete Calendar of Routier Events (Shit!)
The Funny Pages (One of them) by A. Wagg
A Call to All True Members by Musketeer Green
The 20,000 Metre Shamble by Stanislaus the Cephalopod
March or Die! II – The Official Story by Spike
March or Die: The St Albans March by Musketeer Green
A Ditty (dedicated to March or Die!) by Sarge
Why B. Leveller is a Pain in the Arse by Musketeer Green
The Exact Militia Programme? by the Muster Master
Divers Facts Appertaining to the London Trayn’d Bands by Pierre
Liste of Notable Personages
Still Absolutely Nothing – Rear Cover
Vol 12 no 3-4 Summer 1996-97
The Christmas Routier
The “RQ” Routier Quotient

This Page of Contents by the Editor
Editorial (no prizes for guessing who wrote this one)
The Captayne, His Report for the Year by The Captayne
On Divisional Reorganisation by Captayne Brew
The Adjutant’s Report on Routier Attendance by Mr Hande
The Routier Quotient by D. Dogge, Ph.D (BSh)
Possibly Where Our Societie Shood Be Head’d by Mr Earle
Taminick Report 1996 – We Still Hate the Rain by Stanislaw
The Rubber Chicken School of History by SCA-Baiter Hande
Sutton Who? A Triumph in the Forest by Spike
Yes, Virginia, There is a Great Cthulhu from the Arkham Advertiser
Ninth Australian Medieval Conference Registration Form
List of Personages



Volume 13 no 1 Autumn 1997
Special Pre-Conference Issue

An Editorial by the Editor-General
The SCA school of Voodoo Geography by Steve Hande
An SCA History of the Entire Known World revealed by Tim O’Neill
Uppsala… SCA or History? by Mr. David Earle
Women Beget More Soldiers? being a rebuttal from Pierre
Fire Sale!!! by David Green, off to Blighty
For Sale by William Lincolne
Wargames Figures for Sale by Tony the Miller
Routiering in the News
The Musketier or Pikeman: Cost of Equipping by Pierre
The Routier Supply Company Order Form
List of Personages
A Secret Message from General Idi Amin Dada, VC – Rear Cover
Volume 13 no 2 Winter 1997
Survivors of Sokil

This Page of Contents
An Editorial
The Routier Calendar of Events – Be There!
Official Account of Last Umpteen Soldiers’ Councils
The Warm & Loving Association by Mr. Earle
Dance Till You Drop 1642 – Advertised – by Mr. David Earle
“Hey Boyes Up Go We” – definitive lyrics donated by Sue Drayne
Sokil or Die! by Alonzo
Recollections of the Conference by “Naughty” Lynda Barraclough
Sokil 97 by Martin Chuzzlewit
A Shoddy reproduction of Our Bardic Award by some “Sweedes”
Of the Terrible Deed of Paul Fisher by A. Witness
The Black Death – A Numismatic Perspective by “Rupert” Earle
Pike Fighting – a Review of the Evidence by Julian Tilbury (ECWS)
Who is Paul the Gross? (1 in a Series) by S.J. Haande
A Short Treatise on the Subject of Gout by the Barber-Surgeon
For Sale! Numerous bargains to be had!
Muster List
A Secret Message from the Divil (writ very small)

Vol 13 no 3 Spring 1997
Special “Cross-Dressing” Issue

The first “International Routier

An Editorial
The Captayne’s Report
Official Account of the Last Soldiers’ Council Meeting
Triumph at Taminck! by The Spikester
Devotion to the Ancients in 17th Century Military Manuals by Matthew Glozier
Book Review by Mr Hande
More Discusshon on Our Societie by Mr Earle
A Musketeer’s Guide to Chancre by Tony Miller, Barber-Surgeon
Odd Uses and Useful Dimensions of the Pike by Matthew Glozier
The Routier Invasion of Sokil by “Prince Rupert” Earle
A 17th Century Nun’s Prayer contributed by Spike
Muster List
Secret Message for Martian Spies Disguised as Finches – Rear Cover

Vol 13 no 4 Summer 1997-98
Spectacles in the 17th C

This Page of Contents
This Editorial
Official Account of the Last Soldiers’ Council Meeting by the Adjutant
The Routier Xmas Dinner – a Short Report by the Spikester
SCA Watch by Concerned Citizens
Brew Rostyd – a 17th Century Recipe by Andrea
Shocking Image by Our Spies
Gross is Satan – the Final Proof! by M Terry & D. Earl
One Wound a Day and Two on Sunday by The Barber-Surgeon
Spectacles in the 17th Century: A Short Summary by Keith Baker, EOTU
Routier-TV! by Stan & Spike
Of Feathers and the Chaps Who Wear Them by Stephen Haande
Gorilla Corner by Glenda the Good
The Well Fed Routier by Dr Q D’Amage, DVM, FRSC, MSSRI
A Captayne’s Eye View of Sokil (Pt. 1) by the Captayne
The Re-Enactment of Pearl Harbor – complete script & notes by Spike
Of the Several Postures of the Picke and Musquet contributed by The Fop
The Thieves’ Sermon contributed by the Captayne
More Moments at Taminick photos by Bill McConnell, contributed by Spike
The Jollie Routier a new song by Keith Baker, TOWR
Pierre’s UK Report by Pierre
Muster List
Coming Events Right
Hidden Number of the Beast
Satanic message in invisible ink, backwards



Vol 14 no 1 Autumn 1998
Special “Elvis” Issue

This Page of Contents
The Hastily Cobbled Together Captayne’s Report
Official Account of the Last Soldiers’ Council Meeting by the Adjutant
Mini-Poster and World’s Oldest Condoms
Routier Imperialism – The Franchise by the Captayne
The Routier Invasion of Melbourne – Report by Spike the Guarana Gorilla
The Practical Saviolo, Part 1 by Mr Haande
Sutton Forest 98 by Tony Miller, Madman at Large
Gun Laws and the Musketeer – What to Doo! by Musketeers
The Black Death by The Barber-Surgeon
The Man in the Iron Mask movie review by Stan
The Boy in the Iron Truss movie review by Spike
Cerne Abbas Giant exposed
Coming Events
Muster List
Routier map of Melbourne

Vol 14 no 2 Winter 1998
Special “Abuse of Privilege” Issue

This Page of Contents
A Hastily Cobbled Together Editorial
Official Account of some Soldiers’ Council Meetings by the Adjutant
Legal Archives: A Letter from an MP Concerning Swords
Legal Archives: A Letter from the Minister Concerning Swords
The Return to Crookwell! – Report by The Travelling Alonzo
The Woman Who Went to Crookwell and came Back a Routier by Lady Di
Crookwell, Frozen by the Camera’s Lens photos by the Purple Baldrick
A Bite from Andrea – being a regular item of recipe by the Bunfinder-General
The Well Fed Routier Part Deux – More Supplements by Dr. D’Amage
Muskets: Bigger is Better by Spike
The Drummer has Scrofula by the disease-ridden Barber-Surgeon
Pierre’s UK Report II – another report from the Old Dart by David Green
Sightings by the Illuminati
March or Die III – (non) Olympic version by the Peripatetic Alonzo
Photograph or Die! – pictures from MorD3 by Stevie “Shutterbug” Hande
A Concise History of Coffee in 17th Century England plagiarised by Vic
Armidale Revisited: a Survivors account censored version by Dr D’Amage
The Military Revolution and De Gheyn by Matthew “The Fop” Glozier
Important Community Notice – Secret Satellite Technologies by “them”
Muster List
Map of the Rooster Galaxy

Vol 14 no 3 Spring 1998
Special “Amphibian” Issue

This Page of Contents
An Editorial
The Captayne’s Thinge
Coming Events
Official Account of some Soldiers’ Council Meetings by the Adjutant
Your Orders! – Final Parade & Exeter English Fayre from your betters
Quidnuncials – being rumours & events of note by Vic
From the Aether by the CyberRoutier
Wheellocks are Dangerous -from ratbag journalists
17th Century Household Glossary contributed, by Andrea
Taminick – a Pikeman’s Tale by Keith the Scot
An Elaborate Explanation of Taminick by that Vixenatious Victoria
Tales of Taminick – in pictures for the illiterate by Vic the Shutterbug
Another Bite from Andrea a recipe from the Bumbiter-General
Dinner Tips by Doctor Richard Stein, RA WA
Beer Makes You More Intelligent -science from David SF Portree in Texas
The Drum Major – a song of a female drummer found by Spike
Playford Dancing explained by Lady Diana
Parasites I Have Known by the increasingly strange Barber-Surgeon
The Practical Saviolo Pt 2 by famous fencing scholar Stephen J Hand
An Extract from the King’s Declaration on Sports, 1633 contributed by Andrea
Something to Drink About – a Sealed Knot ECW article by David Green
Muster List

Vol 14 no 4 Summer 1998-99

The Captayne’s Reporte
Coming Events predicted with a modicum of accuracy
Official Account of a Soldiers’ Council Meetings by the Adjutant
Quidnuncials – being rumours & events of note gathered by Vic
HUGE! The Christmas Party of Blessed Memory distorted by Vic & Spike
A Spanish Fly on the Wall pictures by Vic, misrepresented by Spike
A Letter of Protest by award-winning science writer, David SF Portree RA
Exeter 1998 – a report by the inevitable Alonzo
Newspaper Report from Exeter – by rural journalists
The Tale of Hexeter by no-award-winning poet Edgar Allen Ely
A Report from the North by Anton Mueller
Griping of the Guts bowel disorders dissected by El Barber-Surgeon
Mr Haande’s Booke Reports – Tom Jones & Rob Roy by Anonymous
Nothing about Killer Whales at all
Routiers 1, Cows 1: Impasse at Mernda – sports report by Alonzo
An Epistle on Leadership by Dr. Richard W Stein RA WA
The Story of the Slipping Beauty – an allegory by Peter Radvan
Another Bite from Andrea – To make an Almond Foole by Andrea!
Muster List



Vol 15 no 1, The Issue for Autumn, 1999
Special Giant Sized 15th Anniversary Issue – Gastropod Edition

An Ensignatorial
The Captayne’s Thing
Things to Comme predicted with a modicum of accuracy
An Advertisement concerning the 15th Anniversary Dinner
Official Account of the Soldiers’ Council Meetings by Adjutant & the Vixen
A Report from the North by Sir Cuthbert Airhead
South of the Border – News from the Victorian File by Sgt Scotland
The Honker in the Dark by H. T. German
Southern Banquet Report by Keith the Very Tall
XAMC Report by Sgt Alan Shanks VC DSO OBE
Moments from XAMC by Papparazzispike
Stoolball – a 1tth Century pastime by Jeff Singman
The Green Trained Band 1642-1647 by David Green
Spike’s Believe it – Or Get Fucked! Tall tales and true from Spike
Seventeenth Century Leatherwork Pt. 1 by the Multi-award-winning Wayne
Routier Astrophysics by Haaaande
Drinks of England by Helmut the German
Dr Dick’s Bits by Dr Richard W Stein RAWA
Peg Tankards by Keith Baker
Ceilia learning on the Spinnet the almost-award-winning song
Military History Magazine Index: Articles of Interest by Stuart Mayne
An Alimentary Discussion – choice email snippets
Shakespeare Reviewed by Spike
Another Bite from Andrea by Andrea

Vol 1 no 1
15th anniversary reprint of the first issue
Vol 15 no 2, The Issue for Winter 1999
Special “Cavalry” Issue

Final Crookwell
Old Pissweak Towne
Not the 15th Anniversary Dinner
Toast by Candlelight
Routier Past Lives

Vol 15 no 3-4 Spring / Summer 1999

The FartingParting Editorial
The Captayne’s Ultimate Thinge
Official Account of the Soldiers’ Council Meetings – not by the Adjutant
Official Account of the Annual General Meeting – still not by the Adjutant
Coming Events news from the future
Summer Camp – a notification of an off-season event
SCA Watch – A semi-regular look at our magic friends edited by Spike
Spike’s Believe it – Or Get Fucked! Tall tales and true from Spike
Taminick Report – sordid tales from Peter Radvan
Taminick 99 with pictures by the Vixen
Taminick Reviewed & Suggested Standing Orders by Bertie, Capt. incip.
Musket Matters – a newsletter for Musketeers by “Fairfax Pierre”
Where Do You Get It? A guide to decent suppliers from D. Green
Past Lives of the Routers II Hande’s work perfected by the Cunning Little Vixen
A Protest on Hande’s Preposterous Notion by Rev. Wayne Robinson
Buffe Coates and Clothynge also by Wayne Robinson
Pierre de Bergerac the play reviewed by Stan Lee
Cony Catchers and Bawdy Baskets by Sir John Brattan
A Lesson in Libraries by Stuart Mayne
Marching, Sweating & Brain Washing reported by John Brattan
Two Scottish Military Manual Authors by that Studious Fop, Glozier
Pike Questions Answered being a dialogue between Andrea & The Tower
To Skynne an Drumme by Wayne the Robin’s Son
A Royalist Scot & The Military Revolution by The Continental Fop
Choice of Inventions a 17th Century song transcribed by CLV
The Story of Little Green Elf by The SCA Spy
Muster List



Vol 16 no 1 Autumn 2000
Routiers of the Year

This Very Page of Contents
The Vixentorial
The Captayne’s Inaugural Thinge
Final Standing Orders
Official Accounts of Soldiers’ Council Meetings various artists
What’s Happening to me? personal and society development
Batavia, an explanation from Graf Fairfax
Christmas Parties! The sole surviving pictures
Exeter 99 – how stale was my biscuit? from the peripatetic Alonzo
Exeter 99 pictures from the Vixen, captions from HELL
The Long awaited explanation on the EMP by Capt Bertie
EMP Equipment List proposed by the committee
Leather Drinkware – pt 5 in a series by the Reverend Wayne
Musket Matters a newsletter for Musketeers by Pierre, gentleman at arms
The NSW Firearms Licence explained, somewhat by Tony Miller
The same thing in graphic form, scrawled by Vic
Heat and Lust (sorry) Dust – summercamp in pictures by the CLV
Favourite Diseases – Smallpox with Barber Surgeon TONY
Australia Day – a grande day out, with Lee “Puppy” Dunn
Obituary, and other canine misadventures
Wordplay and Misogyny in Early Modern England by guess who?
Dancing, and why Satan should love it, and why we do! from Diana
Cuckolds all in a row a new dance brought to you by the Dancing Queen
A Bite from Andrea in this issue, Andrea cooks Cracknells
More food, with that dashing Fop, Glozier
From the Aether – a discussion on vegetarianism starring DJB III and Manny
Are you a reenactor? A quick quiz from the 73rd Regt of Foote
ADVERTISEMENT – Where Do You Get It? a guide to decent suppliers
The Muster List!!!! Contains at least one error…

Vol 16 no 2 Winter 2000
We did it on the Batavia!

The Contents Page
The Editoire Speaks
The Captayne’s Post-Inaugural Thinge
What’s Goin’ On?? I’ll tell you what’s goin’ on
Official Accounts of Soldiers’ Council Meetings all except Melbourne’s
Everything you wanted to know about Whitecoats but were too afraid to ask
Leatherwork, Part the Fourth condoms and other labour saving devices
An introduction to the culinary whims of Our Dutch Friends by the FOP
Useful Dutch Phrases from Useful Dutch People brought to you by Glenda
The Dutch Consulate Gig in pictures by Vic — who else?
Batavia Victory in pictures compiled by Vic, of course
A Potted History of the Batavia Story by the Cad
Baron Barnsley’s Birthday Bash in glorious monochrome
The Company Dinner with that dashing Fop, Glozier
The Exact Militia Program part 2 (from someone else!)
Dressed for Power an expose on FOPism found by Spike
Why our Dutch Friends are sometimes Dark by Ensign Cadbury
Anyone for tennis? A new game with balls, by DJB
What to do with Your Piece details by Ross Argent
Muskets Matter more proof from Pierre
The Melbourne File Dinner a photo essay from the Robinson Family
Andrea’s Bite or is it? We check the teethmarks
Have You Got Your Hand in the Press? Will he ever stop?
Gladiator — A film review from Helmut
Left Handers in the Formation by the inquisitor
What am I to do? things on offer in Sydney
Foreign Correspondent a few words from the Gaijin (oops, wrong language)
More Routier Past Lives the Picture Finder General gets religion
The Muster List!!!! No mistakes this time, for sure

Vol 16 no 3 Spring 2000
March or Die! One small step for mankind, one giant stumble for Routierdom

The Company Orders and Captaynes thing by the Captayne
A note from the Editor from the editor
What’s on dates to have and hold
Official minutes of the PMS
Introduction to the New Tax System from the Attorney General Robinson
Musket Matters from everyone’s friend, Blightyman
Musket Maintenance a handy guide from Ross
TIME CAPSULE – the inaugural northern division banquet, unearthed
The second northern division banquet a report in pictures
Early 17 th Century English from Spike
Andrea’s Bite looks at Quince Paste
17th Century Slang from Marylou
An outbreak of fish in the Palatinate and other stuff
Neil’s Bits meet Neil!
March or Die an eyewitness report by Jana Wendt
SPECIAL! First ever TIR centrefold by Steve Gapps
March or Die relive the experience in pictures
The Fop’s grooming tips advice to dye for
SPECIAL OFFER free with this issue includes marital aids
Leathergoods part 6 –The Reverend Wayne’s Final episode
The Ensign – his duties brought to you by the Ensign
Pelsaert — in his own words “what I did on my holidays”
The Muster List


Vol 16 no 4 / Vol 17 no 1 Autumn 2001
Welcome Back, Jackie

The Brief Editorial by the Vixen
Routier Lifeline – who do I contact
Quidnuncials – Some Routiers HAVE A LIFE!
Official Calendar
Letters – a note from AB
Official Minutes
Routier of the Year Awards
A Literary Contribution from ?
Musket Matters, a Newsletter
Typhus – the latest from the Barber-Surgeon
The Routier Family Album
Period Hangover Cures, tried and tested by Glenda
Wargaming – the Battle of Lutzen by Stan
Interview with Craig Sitch
Whitecoats We Know and Love by Neil
Book review – Edgehill, by Wayne
Lord Eythin, A Scotsman in Newcastle by MG
Another Literary Effort, from Dawn of Time, Eh
The Battle of Naseby from another magazine
The Muster List

Vol 17 no 2 Spring 2001
Special Caffeine Infused Issue!!! (Lick the screen and find out!!)

The Contents Page
The Official Calendar
Official minutes of the PMS — Sydney ones only
Musket Matters — the newsletter for musketeers – from that eminent chap, Mr Gleen
The Annual General Muster — where we fall short, a report from Sergeant Chef
Winter Camp — a report by Spike, with pictures from Gina and Vic
TIME CAPSULE — March or feel slightly unwell, 2000 — from the stalwart Mr Shanks
Book Review—COD and BIG CHIEF ELIZABETH — reviewed by the Vixen
The 2001 Convention, or Relax-e-con — a report from Helmut
London Bodies — the reverend’s been reading up on graverobbing — a review
The pictorial — Reenacts 2001— with photos by Neil Chippendale
The Battle of Brentford — an LTB History lesson, also from Neil
Culinary Corner — COFFEE NOW DAMMIT! A short history by Helmut on a subject close to his…
More Coffee Trivia, compiled by the editor
Living History — where we go wrong! A rant from Helmut…what, Helmut— rant?????
The Muster List — new, improved…

Vol 17 no 3 Summer 2001-02
Bumper Fun Christmas Issue

The contents and disclaimers
AGM minutes
Other Minutes
El Presidente Speaks
The Captain’s Thing
Editor’s Rant
A Poem
Fun Games
Silly Children’s Games
The Election, (no the Government one)
Book Reviews
Old Whine
Christmas Party
Living History again
Let’s go Dancing!
Some observations of causality and effectiveness
The Death of a Writer
Foreign Parts
Muster List, is your name here?



Vol 18 no 1 Autumn 2002
Special Large Print Issue

Index – you are here
The Calendar – The coming Attractions
Minutes – beer talk
The Presidential Address – sort of
The Captains Thing – Oh captain, my captain
The Editor’s Rant – Pleas for articles and random thoughts
On Sugar – Diet with the Doc
Rugrats – attack of the ankle biters
Book Reviews by G. Cthulhu
Vixen’s Vocabulary – Increase your word power
Crisis in the Army, 1647 by Neil Chippendale
Beleve It or get stuffed – Bang
The English Revolution – The start of the opinion page, I hope
The Musketeer – Almost a movie
The Caption Contest
Muster List – who’s who
Winter Camp – be there and be cool

Vol 18 no 2 Winter 2002
Food and Party Issue

Minutes – all the mutterings recorded for posterity
The Captain Speaks – He also dances, sings and waves his hands about in a most amusing way
The Editor’s Rant – stream of consciousness writing from the Editor
Notices – words from the aether
How to Get to the Christmas Party- avoid the road to nowhere
Fashion – Blast from the Past
Gina’s Party Pics- See the decadence
Non Zero – A book review
Forbidden Foods – What not to eat
A Monks Cookbook – More books reviewed
One Opinion – Thoughts on the Military Revolution
The Gathering of the Clans – A show review
In the Press and Shocking Vegetables- It looks just like a thingy
March or Die – Sort of
Muster List- Check to see if you’re current
Vol 18 no 3 Summer 2002-03
Exeter, Buckets, Buttons and that Old time Religion

The Index — You are here
Minutes and AGM — the rumbles in the jungle
The President and His Thynge — his plans not pictures of his thynge
The Editor’s Rant — my ramblings, again
A Prayer — Remember, remember the 5th of November
“On Irritable Heart” – stressed out
One Opinion – The right stuff or buttoned up
Leather Fire Buckets – the sound of wet leather
Believe It or Get Stuffed – Insights into things, sort of
Exeter – Show and spree in pictures
Draft Calender – Think is this right, and make plans now
Muster List — Check to see if you’re current



Vol 19 no 1 Autumn 2003

The Index – You are here
Calender – Make your plans now
Dancing Daze – Come swing a leg
The Last of the Summer Ale – Drill and drinks
The Presidential Address – Plans for the year
The Editor’s Rant – my ramblings, again
A Dummies Guide to Minutes – a missive on minutes
History of King James Edition – Review from the Rev
Art – Pierre’s comments
Helmut’s Reviews – a game & a book
Christmas Party Pictures – those fit to print
In The Press – Stan’s clippings
Muster List – Check to see if you’re current
Convention Forms – and a map from the Editor

Vol 19 no 2 Winter 2003
Bumper Convention Issue

Calendar – Make your Plans Now
Dance – Come swing a leg
The Minutes – a nice and exact record
The Captain’s Thyne – a word from the Fuhrer
The New Presidents Address – With the second hat on
The Editor’s Rant – my ramblings, again
Helmets and Flintlocks – war in the new world
Provisions for the New World and the Voyage – All you need is money
Helmut’s Book Reviews – Books I’ve read
The Double-Armed Man – the cutting edge of high tech.
The Grotesque Fencers of Antonio Francesco Lucini – the insane Clown Posse
The Convention – All the Pics
In the Press and on the Air
For Laughs – classic dancing and caption competition again
Winter Camp – be there or be a rectangular thingy
Muster List – Check to see if you’re current
Christmas Party Questions – A way to fill space
Vol 19 no 3, Spring 2003
The Calendar – such as it is
The Minutes — the rumblings as recorded
The Captain President’s thing – words from our leader
The Editor’s Rant – things as they strike me
Winter Camp – written by the Vixen’s sister
Octoberfest – Beer Beer Beer (sung in ragged chorus)
Lovedale Long Lunch – fun wit food (and wine)
Book Reviews — Looking for a good read
In the Press – Wreaks, gorillas and killer biscuits
From the Net – Things ‘om the eather
Prizes to Win — you can’t win unless you play
Muster list – the who’s whom
Vinegar Hill Thing
Vol 19 no 4 Summer 2003-04
Bumper Summer Issue

Calendar 2004 – Your Future Planned
Minutes – All the rumblings
The Captains – The Captain President Speaks
The Editor’s Rant – Your Editors ramblings and exhortations
In Praise of Yorkshire Ale – a Drunken Epic
Signs from England– We are amused
Exeter Pictures – Candid Pics of the day
An English Travelogue with Pictures – Fun in England
Cushions – and Proof of Dick Dogs
Book Reviews – ways being screwed
Give Fire – A answer to a common question
Potted History – Getting pissed from the net
In the Press – History like items from the press
Vinegar Hill 2004 – The big event for 2004
Muster List – Are you here? Is this correct?
Forms for VH 2004


Vol 20 no 1 Autumn 2004
20 Years of Routierdom

Calendar 2004 – Your Future Planned
Minutes – All the rumblings
The Captains Thyng – The Captain President Speaks
The Editor’s Rant — Your Editors ramblings and exhortations
The Range of Arrows – Incoming arrows from the Reverend
Jacks at Warwick – The Reverend talks leather items
Book Reviews – Including a Guest Reviewer
ERIN GO BRAGH! – Stanslaus at Vinegar Hill
Blast from the Past – old thing:
The Beer Report – Pierre talks Beer
A Ditty by Sarge – March or feel ill song
The Routier Quotient – how much of a Routier are you
Great Cthulhu – by the Elder God
Pike Fighting – a historical -view – No really
Why I Joined the Club — Why we are here
Rivet patterns on 17th century pike armour – wow the most obscure article ever
Muster List – Whos who in the crew
Look out – Chickens!
Vol 20 no 2 Winter 2004
Games, guns and bows

Calendar 2004 – Your Future Planned
Minutes – All the rumblings
The Captains Thyng – The Captain President Speaks
The Editor’s Rant – Your Editors ramblings and exhortations
Convention – Initial report and maps
Making your Hat – Part 1 of Hatmaking
Sutler’s Page – Places to get things
English Coins – Money
Army Gear – ECW style
The Cost of things – What your money buys
Things for the New World and what to take
20th Dinner Picture
Is Jackie a Vampire – the final Proof?
OLYMPICK GAMES – The real ones
Rules for the Long Bow – For those who get the Point
Gun vs. Bow – the full Picture
Reviews – What to thing
Winter Camp
Blast from the Past – old thing:
Muster List – Who’s who in the crew
Vol 20 no 3 Spring 2004
Calendar 2005 – Your Future Planned
Minutes – All the rumblings
The Captains Thyng – The Captain President Speaks
The Editor’s Rant – Your Editors ramblings and exhortations
Convention – report and maps
More on Guns and Bows – The Reverends reply
Oktoberfest in Pictures – Were you there
The Artillery Train
Great Ordnance 1626
Musket and Pike Costs – Prices for arms
Tents – A selection
Baskets – transport stuff
Book reviews
Silly Games – To annoy People with
17th Century Gaming Purses – Players bags
Believe or get Fucked – Random Information
Where they Mustered – The old firm
Muster List – Who’s who in the crew
Convention Registration form – Sort of


Vol 20 no 4 Autumn 2005
Poems, Pictures, Half Pikes, Conference report, Arrow Shot and A Cautionary Tale

Calendar 2004 – Your Future* Planned
Minutes – All the rumblings
Captains Thingy – Sort of
The Editor’s Rant — A short rant for a short issue
The Calendar – Dates for all
17th Century Poems – Read them with a friend
How I became a Routier – A Cautionary Tale for Young Ladies
The Conference report — by our smallest correspondent
Book Reviews — reading for fill space
Arrow Shot and Great Fiery Things — toys for small children & Routiers
Half-Pike — Dealing with a short length
Musket Shooting 2004 – Going bang!
Winter Camp in Pictures — When you’re too tired for words
No member list this issue

* for a given, very later future best referred to in the past tense.

Vol 21 no 1 Autumn 2005
Despite what’s on the cover, this issue is Summer 2005-06, the cover photo is from 5 November 2005
March on Parliament – Guy Fawkes

The Index – You Are Here
The Minutes – All the rumbles
The Captain/Presidents Thing – That was the year that was
The Editor’s Rant – Just
PIKE & MUSKET SOCIETY, 2006 – The Programme for your Diary
Believe It ? or Get Fucked!!!! — Strange facts by Spike
Medieval and Renaissance German Spice Chest – Add for taste From China Bill (the Ether raider)
Making a Chest – wood not silicone from Charles Oakley’s website
History of Corks and Corkscrews – Keeping the wine in By Jim Stien
History of Wine Bottles – unless dropped
Helmut’s Book Review- Scribbling about books
Making Gunpowder – How to make a bang edited from the New Scientist by Helmut
The Pikeman’s Armour and Drill – A guide for new chums
How to Talk to People – Kinderspiel (yes it’s Christmas)
Tamminick- Through the eyes of a young lady
Tamminick – in Pictures
Oktoberfest- in Pictures
Remembering the 5th of November – in Pictures



Vol 21 no 2 Autumn 2006
Ranters revealed

The Index – You are here
The Captains Thyng
The Editor’s Rant
The Cloth Industry of 17th Century Europe – More Clothes by Jenna Saunders from Orders of the day, Volume 30, Issue 5, 1998
Ranters – The Reverends sect review
Believe It! or get Fucked! – Strange facts by Spike
Robin Hood – A changing Tale By Allen W. Wright, Edited from the net
The Stonebow – A “high tech” rock thrower
Quills – So get writing by Sherwood Carter
Cotton – A history Ciba Review 64, Basle,February 1948

Vol 21 no 3 Winter 2006
A Royal Proclamation, Cromwell’s Press,
Reviews, Reviews, Reviews !!!
The Last of Cotton History
And More facts

The Index – You are here
The Captains Thyng
The Editor’s Rant
The Proclamation at York
Cromwell and Media
Helmut’s Book Reviews
The Reverend’s Reviews
Believe it of get Fucked!
Cotton II – more cotton history
The Summer Ale
The Company

Spring/ Summer 2006
Bumper Holiday Issue
A Poem, Garden ups, Health news
A Life of Gen. Monock,
And More!!!

Index — You are here
Minutes – all the rumbles
My Rant –I mumble into Print
Calender — What’s on in Routier World
A Poem – found by Louise
Wrong Side of the River
Life of George Monck
Health in the 17th century
Believe it or get F#@%ed!
Omamental Plants in 16th and 17th Century Gardens
The Members – who’s there



Vol 22 no 1 Autumn 2007
Victory at the Convention

Index – you are here
Minutes – beer talk
The Captain’s Thing – Oh captain, my captain
The Editor’s Rant – I sound off
Knife Scabbards – The reverend talks of fun with leather
Books – the perils of reading
Believe it !!!! or get Fucked !!!!!!! – strange tales
Notes from the Convention – the convention in words and pictures
An Inspired Longdroppe – the palace explained
Getting the site Ready- in praise of the advance party
Puck! – The History of a Hobgoblin
Last Years Photos – Thanks Wayne & Glenda
Caption Contest – Win a beer with your wit
Members List – Are You here?

Vol 22 no 2 Winter 2007
In this Issue Sex, Beer and Armour. What more do you want?

Index – you are here
Minutes – beer talk
The Captain’s Thing – Oh captain, my captain
The Editor’s Rant – I sound off
Caption Contest – Win a beer with your wit
Biblical sex – it could knock your socks off
Believe it !!!! or get Fucked !!!!! – odd facts
The Invasion of Newcastle 2007 – pics
The Reverend, his Tap Report
Brewing an Elizabethan Beer – Cheers
The Armour Question – a pointed article
In the Press – from other rags
Members List – Are You here?

Vol 22 no 3 Spring- Summer 2007
Bumper Holiday Issue
Pikes, Games, Money, Beer, Whisky and Cider
Sounds like a good party!

Index – You are here
Minutes – all the rumbles
The Calendar – in the dates (Fnn Fnrr)
The Captain’s Thing — Listen up chaps
The Editors’ Rant – Thoughts such as they are
Making Pikes » the Swiss Way – by The Reverend
Need a New Costume? — test one is on order
Games to try over Summer — New card games
New thoughts on Dominoes – by The Reverend
How much were you eaming in 1642? What can you buy? By The Reverend
Believe It ! or Get Fucked! – Odd facts
Taminick Pics
Cider again – summer is time for fruit juice, slightly fermented
Changing Style
Beaver Hats and 17th Century English Society
Society Dancing – ripped from the net
The Reverend’s Brewing Marginalia
The Reverend’s Beer Epistles to the Drinkers
A 1503 English Beer — sort of
The caption contest so far — winner next issue
Strong Waters By The Reverend
The Members – who’s there



Vol 23 no 1 Autumn – Summer 2008
First PDF Issue – now in Colour

Index – You are here
Minutes – all the rumbles
The Calendar – all the dates (Fnrr Fnrr)
The Captain’s Thing – Listen up chaps
The Editors’ Rant – Thoughts such as they are
The Winter Camp Facilities – for next year by the Winter Camp Facilities Division of the Bucket Committee
Trade and what could you buy – Just some thoughts by the Editor
Believe it or get Fucked !!!!!!!!!!! by Spike
Helmut’s Book Review – Diane Purkiss: The English Civil War – A people’s history by Helmut the German
People from London supplied by Bill
Bits and Pieces from Eats Shoots and Leaves – A Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation by Lynne Truss
More Routiers in past lives – Mistah Bill
Drill Day Pics – all tinned up but no place to go