Bollocky cold

The committee in its infinite wisdom have decided to postpone Winter Camp to Spring. Details will be forthcoming, but in all likelihood it will be the October long weekend.
We reluctantly came to a conclusion that with the rain forecast there will be no chance of distancing, particularly between Musketeer Argent and myself, and we should consider the club, our visitors and of course our hosts in the current Covid climate.
Let’s take this as an opportunity sent by God to have an amazing Spring Camp.
Regards etc.,
Yr evr Lvn Captayne

The World Famous Pike & Musket Society Winter Camp this year also known as The Arquebus Fight at Black Springs Corral will be held in the depths of Winter, for the first time ever in the month of August.

Black Springs near Oberon at the back end of the Blue Mountains is very, very cold at this time of year and quite likely to snow. However a very large fire and lashings of conviviality will keep you warm.

The weekend of 8-9 August – including the Friday night of the 7th for early arrivals – will see the hot stuff of the Captayne’s Cup fly, and will be a special St Ives Medieval Fayre Drill and Muster. In fact quite possibly our annual muster..

If you haven’t been to Winter Camp and experienced the thrills of 17th Century living history in typically European conditions, then get in touch and find out what to bring.