NVG major event, at Castle Mountain, with a Routier-themed Tavern (TBC)

His greatness Emperor Basil II has decreed a gathering of all Varangian Garrisons in the Byzantine Realm, and resolute symmachoi, to an austere celebration this coming Pascha.

The site is STRICTLY NO NUTS OR NUT PRODUCTS, AND GLASS BOTTLES ARE LIMITED TO WINE BOTTLES ONLY (No beer / soft drink glass bottles.). This is not negotiable.
On Friday 19 April 2019 to including Friday, Saturday & Sunday evening meals

Purchase tickets through the web link below.

(Members who wish to go please notify committee so we can update ALHF for insurance)

Jan de Bray “The governors of the Guild of St Luke, Haarlem” 1675

AGM and working bee at Sue & Spike’s – we MUST fix the canopy! Also;

Deceased Routiers Estate Auction. Mr Brisset and Mr Crisp’s gear will be auctioned. Spike will provide further details, but in line with established best practice aka tradition it may involve dicing and drinking.

An event not to be missed! Times will be confirmed but probably 10-4.

The most historically accurate and authentic Medieval Faire in all of Sydney, thou art invited to cheer on the world’s best jousters as they clash in the Tournament of St Ives, witness battle scenes from history re-enacted by the fiercest of warriors and marvel at the birds of prey as they swoop and attack on command.

St Ives Medieval Faire Website

Witness the Muskateers and their mighty mugs! A display of potatoes, pumpkin and apples with stickers by the VIP tent! See if the Templars are still camp! Plus 1,000 elephants.

When? September 22-23, camping is available on site between Friday night 21/9 and Monday 24/9

10am arrivals at Black Lagoon Fortress

10.30am – march off and drill Pike only. Musketeers could bring them for cleaning and arms drill in backyard? Can march and drill with pike as pike or with fork rests only first but)

11.30am – return and prepare lunch (erect canopy if needed. Remind someone to get a cross beam)

12.30pm – lunch (bring kit, stay in gear)

1.30pm or during lunch

1.30ish-4pm – working bee (see forthcoming list of things to be done)

Piss off or party on